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Covid-19 Fakodemic Part 1

Updated: Apr 18

Health risk-benefit analysis for covid-19 vaccine

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I have buried friends and even family members during the Covid-19 'pandemic'.

I mean not physically, which I am very happy about, but mentally by ending the relationships with them, with some even terminally. What started as simple discussions regarding the initial urge to get vaccinated we all have been almost forced into by the politicians, turned after some time into a semi-philosophical question of "To boost or not to boost", followed up by arguments about the long-term effects of both the virus itself, the vaccination side-effects and of the social and political measures. While the media continued inducing fear into the masses by presenting some increasing infection incidences and one-sided information regarding the corona vaccination, the politicians continued increasing the pressure on non-vaccinated citizens by separating them from social interaction and turning them into the pandemic scapegoats.

In the last two years, we have seen some of the most controversial, yet fastest taken decisions in the history of politics and it even seems that some corporations and central world organisations were preparing for the whole scenario we are currently facing, long before Covid even hit us. We ended up restricted with measures, which would have been unthinkable before the apparent pandemic hit us (anyone else having flashbacks about Overton Window?):

  • One-sided information without any official alternatives? Check!

  • Public branding of any lateral thinkers and opposition? Check!

  • Restriction of our rights of assembly and freedom of speech? Check!

  • Fundamental intervention in integrity and constitutional rights? Check!

  • Segregation of civil groups and individuals from social interaction based on politically defined criteria? Full fascistic check!

Is the whole situation just a coincidence, some pre-planned prevention measures to save us poor ignorant human beings from the dangerous and uncontrollably spreading virus, or maybe some puppet masters playing their pawns on the world theatre scene?

And the most important question should be: will we - as a society - be able to bury the hatchet of differences in opinions and collaborate again in finding mutually beneficial decisions on how to handle the Covid-19 situation, or will we have to bury our friends and relatives one way or another.

In this 'Fakodemic' trilogy blog we take a look at the controversial impact of the Covid-19 vaccination on our health based on scientific studies and verified statistics; discuss how much we can trust in our government and health system to act in our best interests and maintain our freedom; and what scenarios existed long or shortly before the pandemic and what is likely to come in near future.

Put your tinfoil hats aside, in this first post about the health benefits and disadvantages of the Covid-19 vaccination we talk pure scientific facts and data.

A summary is provided as always also in a video format, but the article still goes into much more detail and this video might even get deleted on YouTube:

As always, the studies mentioned in this post are linked, so at any given time you would like to verify the information I am sharing here, please feel free to follow up and review the original, since what a lot of people often refer to as clinical trials or studies, often can't even be called real studies. There is a lot of controversial information about the virus itself as well the vaccines out there, so I always try to use verified official sources, like official databases (e.g.;, professional institutions (e.g. Robert-Koch Institut) and renown medical journals (e.g. Nature, British Medical Journal). This is also the main difference between the mainstream media and my blog - I actually back up my claims with data and links to used sources.

I did not even take into account studies, that are still running or step into areas yet to be researched in more detail, like how vaccine reprograms innate immune response (multiple studies), or how RNA can integrate into the genome of human cells, and restricted myself to available and mostly approved and reviewed official studies.

Prepare for a long read, so I created a table of content, and for the impatient, there is a summary included at the end:

  1. Introduction to the topic of the Covid-19 pandemic

  2. Vaccination effectiveness

  3. Vaccination trials on the example Pfizer

  4. Vaccination adverse events

  5. Adverse events statistics in DE, U.S. and EU

  6. Summary and conclusion

  7. Practical non-medical advice on vaccination

Health risk-benefit analysis - vaccination effectiveness

First, let's briefly explain in a common understandable language what effect these Covid-19 vaccines are supposed to have and why they had to be emergency approved, as this is an absolute pre-requirement to understand the further content of this independent analysis.

Prior to Covid vaccines, we had 'live' and 'non-live' vaccines, and as the name suggests, the live vaccines actually take an alive pathogen (the medical term for the infecting part of the virus), weaken and isolate it, to later inject it into the body. Our immunity system identifies the pathogen and produces antibodies to stop the virus from spreading, so the immunity system is getting trained how to deal with this specific, and similar live virus variants.

With non-live vaccines the actual pathogen is either killed off, so a dead virus is taken, or only a part of the pathogen is included in the vaccine, often together with a helper substance, which will alert the immunity system about this otherwise not dangerous/ killed pathogen and make it mount a proper immune response. So usually, the non-live vaccines require multiple number of injections in certain periods to train the immunity system in identifying and responding to this potential threat.

Now it's important to note, that the vaccines emergency approved for use against the Covid-19 virus do not belong to any of the mentioned conventional types of the vaccines, so there is no experience prior to Covid with the newly emergency approved types of mRNA (Pfizer/ Biontech) and adenovirus (e.g. AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson) vaccine types, nor is there any registered data on their potential non-specific effects, both beneficial or potentially harmful. However, what is specified are the results of the clinical trials performed within 3 months during the emergency approval study of Phase III of the approval process.

Source: EB Study Centre

And even though the Phase III of the clinical development has not been completed for the Covid-19 vaccination, it has been authorized for emergency use all over the world.

The official narrative is that the vaccines reduce the risk of COVID-19, including:

  • "COVID-19 vaccines are effective at protecting people from getting seriously ill, being hospitalized, and even dying—especially people who are boosted.

  • As with vaccines for other diseases, you are protected best when you stay up to date with the recommended number of doses and boosters.

  • COVID-19 vaccines even offer protection to people who had COVID-19, including protection against being hospitalized from a new infection.

  • COVID-19 vaccines are safe—much safer than getting COVID-19"

If we take a look at the hospitalisation rates, then this claim is actually proven - for some groups at least. For example, in Vienna (Austria) vaccinated clearly get less hospitalised due to Covid than unvaccinated. Such graphs we often see in the news clearly display the efficiency of the vaccines, right?

Source: Derstandard

The fact, that the statistics are manipulated to look worse than they actually are, will also be discussed in the second post of this trilogy, but here are some aperitifs: if somebody lands in intensive care in a hospital due to a car accident, and then is tested positive for Corona (which he potentially was not even aware of due to the lack of symptoms), this person is still counted as a Covid patient in intensive care. The infection incidence is also much higher than in reality due to false-positive rates of tests which reach 12% for some test types. Imagine such science being used to test men for pregnancy - you would have out of 100 tested 12 men receiving the happy news about them giving birth to babies soon. Silly but true.

For now, let's stick to the figures we have been provided with by the officials, but even if we take a look at longer periods of time, so multiple weeks and not only hospitalisation numbers but actually numbers that matter like intensive care and death rates, then the picture looks quite different than what we have seen in the previous graph, here is an example of cases reported in different periods in Germany:

Source: Wochenbericht RKI

What is clear right away, is that for children and teenagers under 18, we should not even be talking about vaccination or Covid at all, because for example in December 2021 out of almost 90.000 children infected with Coronavirus, worried parents brought 365 of their kids to the hospital, out of which only 11 landed in intensive care, zero of which died. This continues throughout almost all weeks, latest information is about 35.000 infected children in April 2022, out of which 2 landed in intensive care, again 0 deaths. Since the start of the 'pandemic' from more than 4,5 Million children in Germany, who got infected with Corona, only 55 have died. My condolences to all parents who lost their children due to Covid or any other disease, yet there are far greater dangers to children compared to Corona, like perishing by drowning in a pool (47 in 2021 alone, more than 80 since the start of the pandemic) or landing in intensive care after an alcoholic poisoning (about 14.500 yearly in Germany).

That means, when creating a risk-benefit analysis of the Covid-19 vaccination, we should mainly look at the impact on adults. The numbers here differ heavily between different age groups, as you can see in mortality rates for Germany, but it is fairly representative for all countries affected by Covid:


For my age group 15 to 34, the mortality rate from Covid is ~0.0049%. We will come back to this number a few times for comparison reasons. Also don't forget, that the numbers have been edited multiple times (looking worse after every modification), which also will be inspected in the second post, how government and medical officials keep on changing numbers even months after.

Coming back to the officially provided numbers - the further the age goes up, the higher the death rate, resulting in the group of 80+ in almost 1 out of 10 patients dying. This is also represented in the weekly reports I linked above, where far more hospitalisations in intensive care and deaths happen in higher age groups. The vaccine also shows higher effectiveness for the elderly, yet far away from the promised 95% and much closer to the 60-70% for delta variant, since on average about 30-40% of intensive care and death cases still go to vaccinated elderly. This is even stated by RKI themselves in their weekly reports:

Source: RKI Weekly Report April 2022

Interesting that in some cases booster shots even lead to less effectiveness...

Really important is to remark, that the vaccines have been developed as the Delta variant was the main type of Covid and since Omicron became the trend, effectivity decreased far below what was initially expected, as multiple studies found out, for example, one published in medRxiv database (conducted in Toronto, Canada):

In contrast, receipt of 2 doses of COVID-19 vaccines was not protective against Omicron. Vaccine effectiveness against Omicron was 37% (95%CI, 19-50%) ≥7 days after receiving an mRNA vaccine for the third dose. Conclusion: two doses of COVID-19 vaccines are unlikely to protect against infection by Omicron. A third dose provides some protection in the immediate term, but substantially less than against Delta.

Another study in Nature (conducted in Geneva, Switzerland) also confirmed, that even the 'infectious viral load (VL)' expelled as droplets and aerosols by infected individuals is only reduced after booster vaccination, so only starting with a third jab:

For Omicron breakthrough cases, reduced infectious VL was only observed in boosted but not in fully vaccinated individuals compared to unvaccinated subjects.

However, they also found out in the same study, that not only VL does contribute to the high infectiousness of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron:

In addition, infectious VL was lower in fully vaccinated Omicron- compared to fully vaccinated Delta-infected individuals, suggesting that other mechanisms than increased infectious VL contribute to the high infectiousness of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron.

Data from England showed that the reduction in transmission declined completely within 12 weeks of vaccination:

The reductions in transmission of the delta variant declined over time after the second vaccination, reaching levels that were similar to those in unvaccinated persons by 12 weeks

A recent study published in April in the New England Journal of Medicine indicates that to remain effective, the fourth dose should be given around 4 months after the third booster:

Overall, 25.0% of the participants in the control group were infected with the omicron variant, as compared with 18.3% of the participants in the BNT162b2 group and 20.7% of those in the mRNA-1273 group. Vaccine efficacy against any SARS-CoV-2 infection was 30% (95% confidence interval [CI], −9 to 55) for BNT162b2 and 11% (95% CI, −43 to 44) for mRNA-1273.

This leads to the implication, that to remain "somewhat efficacious" as the study concluded, people need to receive booster shots every 12 weeks. So, if the effectivity "somewhat" starts after the third injection, how safe is it to receive all these newly created vaccinations so often? Well, the U.S. government tells us, it's absolutely safe:

While COVID-19 vaccines were developed quickly, all steps have been taken to ensure their safety and effectiveness.
  • "COVID-19 vaccines were developed using science that has been around for decades.

  • Before COVID-19 vaccines were recommended, including for children ages 5 through 18 years, scientists conducted clinical trials with thousands of adults and children and found no serious safety concerns.

  • Hundreds of millions of people in the United States have received COVID-19 vaccines under the most intensive safety monitoring program in U.S. history.

  • Serious side effects that could cause a long-term health problem are extremely unusual following any vaccination, including COVID-19 vaccination. The benefits of COVID-19 vaccination outweigh the known and potential risks."

Same story we hear from all governments and from many, but by far not all medical experts. Let's open the pandora's box by taking these government claims apart one by one.

Health risk-benefit analysis - clinical vaccination trials

COVID-19 vaccines were developed using science that has been around for decades

Technology for mRNA vaccines, which are the most used SARS-CoV-2 vaccines in Germany and other countries in the whole Western hemisphere has been in development for decades, but Covid-19 is the first emergency approved vaccination based on this new technology, even after they have been consistently failing prior trials just a year before the approval. There were barely any trials that received the 'Go' for Phase III in the last 10 years, and even all of these were stopped due to high mortality and adverse effects rates. The emergency approval by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and European Commission for the Covid-19 vaccine came just three months into their Phase III trial, so how can the government speak about developments based on decades-old science?

Before COVID-19 vaccines were recommended, including for children ages 5 through 18 years, scientists conducted clinical trials with thousands of adults and children and found no serious safety concerns.

Prior to the recommendations, there has been one study in Phase III, results of which were not even published but instead only provided to selected members of the FDA, EU Commission and other regulatory administrations. Strangely, the FDA replied to the request of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to release Pfizer vaccine data, that it would take 75 years to review and release the data. How could they approve a vaccine then, data on which they haven't fully reviewed? The same happened in the European Union, where the EU Commission approved the vaccines and agreed on contracts with Pfizer/ BioNTech for Billions of doses, without fully reviewing the documents. Even the British Medical Journal stated, that

Data should be fully and immediately available for public scrutiny.

We are still in this Phase III for Covid-19 vaccinations and all of humanity deciding to get the jab does voluntarily participate in this global clinical trial.

Already during the initial trials to receive the FDA approval, there were serious concerns raised by a contract company performing the pivotal Covid-19 vaccine trial on data integrity and regulatory oversights, like:

  • Participants placed in a hallway after injection and not being monitored by clinical staff

  • Lack of timely follow-up of patients who experienced adverse events

  • Protocol deviations not being reported

  • Vaccines not being stored at proper temperatures

  • Mislabelled laboratory specimens

If you expect that these concerns were followed up by the FDA or other investigators, then you forgot what happens to whistleblowers in the U.S.: staff reporting such events were either encouraged to leave or simply fired during or shortly after the trials.

Source: BMJ

Since children are mentioned again on the government website: there are states like Florida, which envisions becoming the U.S. healthiest state, and whole conglomerates of medical experts advising NOT to vaccinate children against Covid due to them being "concerned about the myocarditis issue, [...] and the model has overestimated the hospitalizations prevented." There are multiple studies on this subject, coming to the conclusion:

Based on passive surveillance reporting in the US, the risk of myocarditis after receiving mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines was increased across multiple age and sex strata and was highest after the second vaccination dose in adolescent males and young men. This risk should be considered in the context of the benefits of COVID-19 vaccination.

Dr Campbell also reviewed the study results and supported the conclusions. In Germany, a statistic published by Paul-Ehrlich-Institute counted 3.227 severe adverse events out of 2.7 Million vaccinated children aged 12-17, which is about 0,119% and when compared to weekly RKI reports posted above (0,0057%), almost fifteenfold increase in potential intensive care numbers.

But surely our government knew about these issues and study results, so they created the best monitoring program as it's stated on their website:

Hundreds of millions of people [...] have received COVID-19 vaccines under the most intensive safety monitoring program in U.S. history.

Well, when we have university hospitals open special wards for treating specifically side effects of Covid vaccination, latest then we should know that something is going significantly wrong. The teaching hospital in Marburg is receiving 200 to 400 e-mails daily from patients experiencing adverse reactions and the waiting list for medical examinations has increased to more than a thousand patients. Not really surprising with so many people complaining about being rejected and even silenced when they start mentioning adverse effects. As Dr Strasser stated in the Experthearing about mandatory vaccination in the Austrian Parlament, we are seeing adverse effects from Covid vaccination that are completely novel and unseen before and patients have to wander from one specialist to the next in the hope to find someone able to identify the cause and help their suffering.

Health risk-benefit analysis - vaccination adverse effects

But if we are to believe our Western governments, then the adverse effects should be so rare, that the risk of dying of SARS-CoV-2 or living with 'Long-Covid' should be far higher:

Serious side effects that could cause a long-term health problem are extremely unusual following any vaccination, including COVID-19 vaccination. The benefits of COVID-19 vaccination outweigh the known and potential risks.

While researching this part, I figured that not only we haven't even scratched the surface of the iceberg - there is a whole Kraken hiding underneath the cover of side effects and mortality related to the Covid-19 vaccination. Fasten your seatbelts, we are on the highway to hell.

First of all, let's get the terminology straight - in the medical field there are four severities of adverse drug reactions:

  • Mild

  • Moderate

  • Severe

  • Lethal (deadly)

To remain within a manageable reading time, we will focus mainly on the severe (life-threatening such as liver failure, abnormal heart rhythms, and certain types of allergic reactions, result in persistent or significant disability or hospitalization, or cause birth defects) and lethal (Lethal reactions are those in which a drug reaction directly or indirectly caused death. These reactions are typically severe reactions that were not detected in time or did not respond to treatment) adverse effects of the Covid-19 emergency approved vaccines.

Checking the official government sites, we find a small list of potential side-effects, always claiming that these are rare, occurring only in a few cases per one million injections:

  • Anaphylaxis: a severe type of allergic reaction, occurring in 5 cases per million doses.

  • Thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS): an adverse event that causes blood clots in large blood vessels and low platelets (blood cells that help form clots), occurring in 4 cases per million doses.

  • Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS): disorder where the body’s immune system damages nerve cells, causing muscle weakness and sometimes paralysis.

  • Myocarditis and pericarditis: Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart muscle, and pericarditis is inflammation of the outer lining of the heart, ranging from 50 cases per million to 105 cases per million doses.

Fortunately, we can check the original Pfizer trials that led to the approval by FDA because they have been ordered by a U.S. Federal judge to release the research documentation publically. Even months after they had time to clean up some of their papers, the picture we see differs quite heavily from the official government and FDA/ EU Commission statements.

The list of actually registered side effects goes more like this:


A whopping 9 pages of small printed, comma-separated text containing just a tiny few effects more than the mentioned four above. These are events that happened and have been registered during the original Pfizer medical trial.

Just within 3 months of the trial (01 December 2020 through 28 February 2021), there have been 42.086 case reports containing 158.893 events, 1223 of which were fatal.


Reported deaths do not directly mean that they occurred because of the drug, but instead occurred during the trial period and it has yet to be proven that the vaccination is responsible for it. But to further evaluate how much the vaccination might be related, we just have to continue reading the very same original Pfizer report, stating:

  • "Among adverse event reports received into the Pfizer safety database during the cumulative period, only those having a complete workflow cycle in the safety database (meaning they progressed to Distribution or Closed workflow status) are included in the monthly SMSR. This approach prevents the inclusion of cases that are not fully processed hence not accurately reflecting final information. Due to the large numbers of spontaneous adverse event reports received for the product, the MAH has prioritised the processing of serious cases, in order to meet expedited regulatory reporting timelines and ensure these reports are available for signal detection and evaluation activity."

Original Pfizer statements in the original trial documentation.

Some might argue that a large number does not directly mean that these were severe events, so could be most were mild side effects like a short-lived headache or an itch, but here again, the report delivers an overview of the most commonly reported adverse events:


Tens of thousands of serious events affecting almost all systems in our bodies!

  • Alone in the Cardiovascular area (in common language - heart and blood flow), they had 1403 cases (3.3% of the total PM dataset), including Acute myocardial infarction; Arrhythmia; Cardiac Failure; Cardiac failure acute; Cardiogenic shock; Coronary artery disease; Myocardial infarction; Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome; Stress cardiomyopathy; Tachycardia. --> : fatal (136), resolved/resolving (767), resolved with sequelae (21), not resolved (140) and unknown (380);

  • The next big area is the Musculoskeletal AESI including Arthritis; Chronic fatigue syndrome; Polyarthritis; Polyneuropathy; Post viral fatigue syndrome; Rheumatoid arthritis happening in 3600 cases (8.5% of the total PM dataset) --> resolved/resolving (1801), not resolved (959), resolved with sequelae (49), and unknown (853) resulting in more unresolved and unknown than resolved cases.

  • Even such a rare event as facial paralysis happened in 499 cases, (1.07% of the total PM dataset). --> resolved/resolving (184), resolved with sequelae (3), not resolved (183) and unknown (97). More unresolved and unknown cases of 'Bell’s palsy' than resolved within the study timeframe. Conclusion of the trial: Get another report on this issue half a year later in June 2021 and don't mind the hundreds of people not being able to move a muscle on their face.

For those saying that still, even though they have been medically verified and documented within the trial based on the defined Pfizer processes, these cases might be unrelated to the vaccine, just ask yourself - how many people do you know that experience sudden facial paralysis? Again, hundreds of these cases remained unresolved within the three months trial period. If you would like to get these numbers and the report by Pfizer explained by a medical doctor, you can watch the video analysis by Dr Campbell.

The report even states that medication errors cumulatively occurred in the trial period, leading to:

  • Fatal events (7)

  • Recovered/recovering (354, of which 4 are serious)

  • Recovered with sequelae (8, of which 3 are serious)

  • Not recovered (189, of which 84 are serious)

  • Unknown (1498, of which 33 are serious)

The list goes on with more than a thousand physical therapy errors: poor quality product administered (539), Product temperature excursion issue (253), Inappropriate schedule of product administration (225), Product preparation error (206), Underdose (202), Circumstance or information capable of leading to a medication error (120), Product preparation issue (119), Wrong technique in product usage process (76), Incorrect route of product administration (66), Accidental overdose (33), Product administered at an inappropriate site (27), Incorrect dose administered and Accidental exposure to the product (25 each), Exposure via skin contact (22), Wrong product administered (17), Incomplete course of vaccination, and Product administration error (14 each) Product administered to a patient of inappropriate age (12).

Understandable, that the wrong application of vaccination designed to be injected into the muscle and not the bloodstream will most likely lead to undesirable effects if not administered correctly.

The conclusion of the trial by Pfizer:

The findings of these signal detection analyses are consistent with the known safety profile of the vaccine. The data do not reveal any novel safety concerns or risks requiring label changes and support a favorable benefit risk profile of the BNT162b2 vaccine.

This summary means that all these risks and severe adverse events were known before the trial was even conducted, yet our government keeps on reciting the praise of having no severe adverse effects and being safe for use in all adults and children older than five. That all these negative effects are a by-product of the vaccine is also known to regulatory agencies, as it was proven yet another time in a hearing by an Australian Senator Gerard Rennick pressing the questions on a biochemistry level to a TGA (Therapeutic Good Administration) representative.

Maybe something did go wrong in this study only and others showed it's safe to vaccinate?

An article published in Nature stated that out of 38.615.491 vaccinated adults there were 1,615 and 1,574 admissions or deaths related to myocarditis and pericarditis, respectively (14 patients had both) and 385,508 related to cardiac arrhythmias. Remember, the risk for my age group to die of Covid was ~0.0049% (4.9 per 100.00 people). Well, the risk of either living severely impacted by a heart muscle inflammation or dying because of it is 0.0082% (8.2 per 100.000), so almost twice as high. We don't even start talking about other effects like 1% to get cardiac arrhythmias. Some might criticise, that I am comparing the death rate from Covid in a specific age group vs. all-age rate of myocarditis, but if you take a look at the study, it actually states that:

In those aged under 40 years, we observed increased risks of myocarditis in the 1–28 days

meaning, that if we compare the same age groups, the risk for myocarditis would be even higher for my specific age group. The second point of critique could be that I've used the number of total deaths by Covid in my age group and this includes also vaccinated patients - that is correct and consciously taken since I am evaluating the total risk of dying from Covid in my age vs. dying or being impacted by myocarditis/ pericarditis caused by the vaccination. The fact that patients vaccinated still die from Corona supports this comparison decision and even if we take out the 30% vaccination effectivity for Covid deaths, we still end up with a higher myocarditis risk from vaccination.

Another study looking at the risk of dying from cardiovascular diseases (like myocarditis) in groups vaccinated with adenovirus vaccines and mRNA vaccines also showed a risk of ~45% higher for mRNA vaccinated compared to unvaccinated or vaccinated with adenovirus. As the leading professor Stabell Benn stated in an interview herself, it is not a direct comparison between these two vaccine types, yet the results are statistically significant and the decreased risk of dying from Corona is balanced out in this study by the increased risk of dying from cardiovascular diseases. Unfortunately, it is yet another study looking at only one type of increased mortality increase by vaccination and what we would really need, is a conclusive medical study summarising the different potential adverse effects, and comparing them to the Covid risks.

All of the above-described risks still do not protect you 100% from the chance of either dying or living with potential long-covid effects (for Omicron vaccination effectivity is at only about 30% as described above), so the risks of harmful adverse events are there every time you receive the vaccination including every booster shot and still you have the risk of dying of Covid on top, even if its lowered.

Health risk-benefit analysis - adverse effects statistics

Since the emergency approval of the Covid-19 vaccines, more than 4,5 Billion, 60% of the world population, have been vaccinated. Registration of side effects clearly sky-rocketed, here is an example of Germany:

Source: Stellungnahme Tom Lausen in German Bundestag

The younger the age, the more cases have been registered. This graph looks even more impactful when we remember that young people with intact immunity systems are not even endangered by Covid.

Now we get to the darkest side, where we learn that only roughly 6,5% of adverse drug effects get even reported. In some countries, like Germany, the number goes even as low as 4%, which is supported by the data provided by a conglomerate of health insurance companies and backed by a recent study of the Charité hospital in Berlin. There are multiple reasons why the numbers are far lower than reality, but here even Pfizer managed to summarise the main reason:

Reports are submitted voluntarily, and the magnitude of underreporting is unknown. Some of the factors that may influence whether an event is reported include the length of time since marketing, market share of the drug, publicity about a drug or an AE, the seriousness of the reaction, regulatory actions, awareness by health professionals and consumers of adverse drug event reporting, and litigation.

Another major reason is that a lot of severe side effects, which lead to causalities are not registered as such, e.g. a person dying in a car accident, because he lost control over the car due to a heart attack. Even if the cardiac arrest was the result of cardiovascular inflammation after vaccination, the cause of death is the car accident, so it is not counted as an adverse lethal event unless an autopsy is requested.

Also, events that occur months after receiving the vaccination barely get recognised as such, e.g. sportsmen dropping dead during their training.

So, what are the numbers registered so far?

In Germany, as presented in March 2022 in the German parliament, the Bundestag:

  • 2.255 Deaths

  • 29.786 severe adverse events

  • 244.576 registered total events

These are confirmed cases, which means they have been confirmed by medical personnel. The most suspicious fact about these figures is that the German national institute for vaccines and biomedical drugs 'Paul-Ehrlich-Institut' restricted access from publicity to this database after the numbers came to attention through a presentation by Tom Lausen in the German Bundestag. I guess they are not so 'ehrlich' after all (in German 'ehrlich' means 'honest').

In European Union, as registered in the European database of suspected adverse drug reaction reports until April 2022 and summarised by Dr Strasser in the expert hearing in the Austrian parliament:

  • 22.319 Deaths

  • 1.639.137 registered total events

Source: Expert hearing Austrian Parliament

When we take U.S., UK and EU deaths combined, we end up with more than 60.000 lethal adverse events, medically confirmed and centrally registered.

Dr Strasser assumes that due to the undercoverage of data, there are more than 300.000 deaths related to Covid-19 vaccines in Europe alone.

The U.S. Department of Defense also had some whistleblowers on the data taken from the DMED which reported the following increases in registered diagnoses in 2021 compared to the average from 2016 to 2020 for the following medical conditions:

  • Hypertension – 2,181% increase 

  • Diseases of the nervous system – 1,048% increase  

  • Multiple sclerosis – 680% increase 

  • Malignant neoplasms of digestive organs – 624% increase 

  • Guillain-Barre syndrome – 551% increase 

  • Breast cancer – 487% increase 

  • Female infertility – 472% increase 

  • Migraines – 452% increase 

  • Ovarian dysfunction – 437% increase 

  • Testicular cancer – 369% increase 

  • Tachycardia – 302% increase

Some data regarding myocarditis has even been deleted from the database, as was also proven afterwards.

Unfortunately, thousands of affected will have to live with the severe impact on their life post-vaccination, some potentially even their whole lives.

Usually, in real clinical studies, deaths of 20 to 50 participants have led to stopping the trials and even to the withdrawal of already marketed drugs (such as troglitazone and terfenadine). Some drugs have even been prescribed for years before their danger and impact had been realised, as happened with Thalidomide which created a real birth crisis for tens of thousands.

It seems just a little bit peculiar to me, that after thousands of reported and confirmed deaths related to the Covid-19 vaccine, the governments continue pushing their agenda to vaccinate as much as only physically possible, even continuing to discuss expanding mandatory vaccination from certain fields, like medical and health care workers, to everyone.

Health risk-benefit analysis - Summary and conclusion

How much the current vaccines can be trusted is perfectly summarised by Pfizer in their annual report for 2021:

  • "We may not be able to demonstrate sufficient efficacy or safety of our COVID-19 vaccine and/or variant-specific formulations to obtain permanent regulatory approval in the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union, or other countries where it has been authorized for emergency use or granted conditional marketing approval

  • Significant adverse events may occur during our clinical trials or even after receiving regulatory approval, which could delay or terminate clinical trials, delay or prevent regulatory approval or market acceptance of any of our product candidates

  • mRNA drug development has substantial clinical development and regulatory risks due to limited regulatory experience with mRNA immunotherapies"

Taking the official statistical data about Covid-related deaths and intensive care cases, officially registered and medically confirmed cases of adverse vaccination events and Covid-19 vaccine-related deaths, the list of potential harmful effects of the vaccination, as well the studies already completed on vaccination effectiveness and unresolved issues, I come to the conclusion that:

  • Based on death statistics, SARS-CoV-2 endangers only certain specific groups of our population, mostly immunity restricted people susceptible to viruses and elderly groups

  • Based on adverse event statistics, there is a considerable risk of sustaining short- and long-term adverse drug effects, including severe effects and even death after receiving Covid-19 vaccination

  • Based on the nature of the adverse event registration process, the real number of adverse events and vaccine-related deaths is expected to be significantly higher than the currently registered and medically confirmed cases

  • Based on currently available studies, the proven efficiency of all emergency approved Covid-19 vaccination is not justifying any vaccination mandate for any age group or field of work, not even for the vulnerable groups

  • Based on currently available studies, to keep the efficiency of vaccines up, injections need to happen every 12-16 weeks

  • Based on currently available studies, emergency approved vaccines should not be given to any children as the risk of severe adverse events for groups aged under 18 far outweighs the potential benefits

  • Due to missing long-term research, scientists and medical experts can't evaluate the potential adverse effects yet to be registered in the next months and years after injecting Covid-19 vaccination into the patient

More than x10 amount of people dies each year from cardiovascular diseases than from Corona. Alone in Germany in 2020 there were 338.001 cardiovascular-related deaths compared to 30.136 Covid-related deaths. The same is valid for cancer (239.552 deaths), yet no official speaks of a cancer epidemic (or maybe even pandemic since these are leading death causes in the world) or tries to prevent these deaths by for example banning substances that are proven to increase cancer growth or the risk of cardiovascular diseases. So considering the numbers and available research, the picture about SARS-CoV-2 gets overblown in the media and by the government officials, artificially creating the pandemic we have experienced over the last two years. Government officials and fakexperts have been marketing the vaccination as the only possible medical solution to Covid and pushing their agenda to massively inject everyone, and even enforcing vaccination mandates in certain lines of work, always stating that science is at one. But we can certainly conclude, that the science agrees to disagree, so banning and even criminalising discourses on the vaccination risks and benefits only proves, that the government is not acting directed to the common good but follows the private interests of individuals and is not investing in keeping the citizens healthy and informed.

Since the discourse about the harmful side of the Covid-19 vaccine has been completely banned from the mass media and social platforms in almost all countries, and in some cases has been criminally charged if raised in public, it is extremely important that you share this information as much as possible. I repeat, that the sources to databases, studies, research and even original Pfizer documents reviewed in this article are available to the public and allowed to be shared by law.

About the impact of government-induced measures and restrictions, I report in the second part of this blog, where it is clearly to be seen that current Corona politics only damage our financial, health care and social systems, aiming at diving us into different controllable groups and limiting our fundamental constitutional rights.

Let me close off this conclusion on Covid-19 vaccination with a quote from Ian Watson:

If you have to be persuaded, reminded, pressured, lied to, incentivized, coerced, bullied, socially shamed, guilt-tripped, threatened, punished and criminalized... If all of this is considered necessary to gain your compliance -- you can be absolutely certain that what is being promoted is not in your best interest.

Practical non-medical advice on vaccination

Disclaimer: I am not a medical expert, it is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the guidance of your doctor of trust or another qualified health professional regarding your health or a medical condition!

That legal clause being out of the way, my first advice for every reader is to

1. Take personal responsibility for your decisions, including decisions affecting your own health, well-being and risk-benefit outcome.

I have already talked about the responsibility in the previous post, but it remains of the utmost importance. A doctor can and should support you by providing individual analysis, discussing potential risks and benefits of a treatment and helping you to make the decision best suited for you. If you ask your doctor about the potentially harmful effects of a treatment or vaccine, and he can't provide you with an answer, then you are probably better off seeking advice elsewhere.

Nobody will be held responsible if you come to harm due to vaccine injury. The decision is yours and yours alone if you take the risk of being infected with SARS-CoV-2, or if you take the risk of experiencing a severe adverse reaction to the vaccine.

2. Boost your immunity system and overall health instead of running from one vaccine injection to another

There are millions of reports of elderly and other 'risk' groups successfully surviving Covid without any long-term negative effects. We should also not forget that Covid is not the only threat to our well-being existing out there and the death rate from other areas like cardiovascular diseases, cancer, respiratory diseases, mental and other disorders is still much higher and impacts a much greater amount of the population.

A lot of these health threats can be prevented by always taking care of your health instead of waiting for some kind of pandemic to hit, so an active lifestyle and regular physical activity, consumption of a healthy balanced diet and mental well-being are the key to remain young (even in age) and fit. Prevention measures include also taking supplements like Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zink and potentially B12, which support your immune and nervous systems.

It is better you invest time, energy and money into your well-being now and stay healthy and fit instead of investing in all three of these resources much higher amounts later when it's already too late and your body fights its survival.

3. Stay open for discourse, even with people sharing a different opinion

As Burkhard Müller-Ullrich, a renowned Swiss radio and podcast moderator has told in his podcast series called 'Contrafunk - The Voice of Reason' (original: 'Kontrafunk - Die Stimme der Vernunft'), he also became aware that something is amiss with this whole Covid pandemic situation and vaccination after a friend of his pointed him to many unlogical and unfounded decisions by the officials, lacking medical evidence and one-sided strict mass-manipulation by the media and the government.

In the introduction, I have also mentioned, that I had friends, relatives and acquaintances that strictly resisted being open to any information that deviated from the official narrative, which is quite often absolutely radical, like the former German Health Minster that stated: "At the end of this winter (2021) everyone will be either vaccinated, recovered or dead". Seems he miscalculated slightly and we still have billions of healthy alive individuals that are neither vaccinated nor got infected.

In the medical field, we also have thousands of studies currently ongoing on both positive and negative effects of the vaccines, so we should remain open to current and future results instead of only promoting research which fits the current political agenda.

Only if we support and educate each other we can ensure that instead of jumping from one crisis and exceptional measure to the next, we ascertain that soon Times Will Change for the better.

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