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Covid-19 Fakodemic Part 2

Updated: Apr 18

Bury the hatchet or bury your friend

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In the last two years, we have seen some of the most controversial, yet fastest taken decisions in the history of politics and it even seems that some corporations and central world organisations were preparing for the whole scenario we are currently facing, long before Covid even hit us. We ended up restricted with measures, which would have been unthinkable before the apparent pandemic kicked in.

In the 'Fakodemic' trilogy blog we take a look at the controversial impact of the Covid-19 vaccination on our health based on scientific studies and verified statistics; discuss how much we can trust in our government and health system to act in our best interests and maintain our freedom; and what scenarios existed long or shortly before the pandemic and what is likely to come in near future.

The focus of the first post was on a thorough health risk-benefit analysis of the Covid-19 vaccines, now we turn our conscious gaze toward the political and social measures taken during the Corona pandemic, check which proven foundation existed for these decisions and evaluate if they had a positive or negative effect on our society, business and our rights.

As always, the sources used in this post are linked, so at any given time you would like to verify the information I am sharing here, please feel free to follow up and review the original. This is also the main difference between the mainstream media and my blog - I actually back up my claims with data and links to used sources. In this part, I refer a lot to the country I live in - Germany, but the narrative is exactly the same in most Western countries, so the findings of almost all areas of my research can be applied to the long-term status in other countries as well.

For everyone who enjoys visual content more, video is available on YouTube:

Speaking about the sources - our governments are also supposed to base their decisions on verified data so that the measures taken do actually address the situation with the pandemic at hand, so we will begin by analysing based on which figures the officials act.

As with the first part of this trilogy, a table of content to help you navigate and a summary at the end for the 'tltr-junkies':

  1. A jumble of numbers - falsified and unreliable statistics

  2. Government ruling backwards - protecting pharma and regulating citizens

  3. Mainstream media creating its own matrix

  4. Trading liberty for security - summary and conclusion

  5. Practical advice on how to handle the new 'norm'

Trust only statistics you falsified yourself

The first kind of figures we have been staring at since the beginning of the worldwide pandemic in 2020 was the incidences, representing how many SARS-CoV-2 cases have been registered in the population per 100.000 people. We have seen a number of so-called 'SARS-CoV-2 rapid Point-of-Care Antigen tests', shortly called Covid-19 rapid test pop up everywhere - near the cafés and restaurants we have been going to, near the barbers that cut our hair, near the public transport stations... These tests have a varying false positive rate, as even the German infamous virologist Christian Drosten has proven in a study beginning of 2020.

The false-positive rate in some tests reaches even 88%, meaning that with such tests we would see 12 out of 100 more Covid cases than actually should be, raising the incidences artificially higher. Some might think its only 12%, but if we count what happens with such rates, then we see that if in an area there were for example 6 real cases out of 100 tested and another 12 due to this false-positive resulting in 18 total, then actually false-positive raises the incidence by 200% (12/6 *100). If we actually had zero real cases in 100 tests, then the false-positive rate would mean an increase of 1200%. Besides the fact, that they had already a huge false-positive amount of the Delta variant, recently federal institutions have found out, that these rapid tests work even worse for Omicron, meaning they do not recognise it and state that the person is negative, even though he might be spreading the Omicron variant right at that very moment.

There have been also fishy numbers in a lot of test centres reporting far higher incidences for some areas with low population and less active social interaction, than other areas with higher population and more social interaction but stricter controls. For example, Dr Paul Brandenburg stated in an interview after reviewing 3 different stations, that the numbers reported by the central health administrations even after counting out potential false-positive are too high and do not represent the reality experienced by him and the teams he has trained in performing these antigen tests. Even though for a long time he has been discredited by mass media and federal health institutions for pointing to such obvious errors in the reporting, soon after even the government confirmed that a lot of test centres have manipulated numbers to receive subventions by the public health department for millions of fake-infections registered and even initiated investigations by the public prosecution.

The so-called 'PCR-tests' or simply lab-tests (polymerase chain reaction) are supposed to be 99% correct in determining if a person is currently infected, but also this is false information because the PCR-tests can only prove if the person has been infected with the virus in the past, so if pieces of the SARS-CoV-2 can be identified in the DNA and RNA cells of a person, and NOT if the person is currently infected with the virus and might potentially infect others. There are even some law sues running because of this fact, and some media channels have communicated the confirmation of this info by officials, but it didn't impact imposed measures nonetheless. So, even the expensive PCR-tests, for which in some countries we have to pay up to 150€ per test, cannot identify if the person is infectious at the moment of the test.

But if the tests are not 100% reliable and the test stations seem to get the numbers messed up, then we at least should be able to rely on the numbers provided by the hospitals, if we remember how much bureaucracy and administration we have to go through when visiting a hospital. Well, in Germany hospitals received different bonus payments during various months of the pandemic, for example up to 9.500€ for each Covid infected person, that visited a hospital. But that surely would not lead to the regulation, why people who tested positive but didn't experience any symptoms would still have to visit a hospital nevertheless, now would it? It also might explain, why hospitals often adjusted their numbers weeks later, after receiving the bonus payments, sometimes correcting their recorded infections down by 2.500 patients for some weeks, as it could be followed on the independent tracking website created by Tom Lausen, who presented the numbers of Covid cases and intensive care stations to the German parliament, the 'Bundestag'. Almost 2/3 of all Corona cases visiting hospitals in Germany had not experienced symptoms of SARS-CoV-2, so were either tested positive accidental in the hospital or were redirected to a local clinic after receiving positive test results.

Tom also started investigating the capacity utilisation of intensive care stations in hospitals, after experiencing personally, how whole floors in hospitals were closed down during Covid-19 pandemic. It became apparent, that shortly before a new regulation kicked in, that allowed hospitals to receive subventions of 50.000€ for every newly-created intensive care station with automated respirators, hospitals decreased the number of intensive care beds. For example, the Clinic 'UKSH' managed by the German Chancellor's brother, Jens Scholz, received 11,7 Million Euros for the creation of 234 intensive care stations, but they actively managed only a maximum of 240 beds at any given time out of which 172 existed before the Covid-19 'pandemic', so 166 (234-(240-172)) of non-existent beds were already paid, but never came into existence. If we take a look at the development of this hospital, then it also becomes clear, that these numbers also do not continue to persist, in some weeks decreasing by up to 30%:


The German government has paid in 2020 686 Million Euros to hospitals, even though we never came close to the capacities because of the Covid cases (with few potential exceptions of single hospitals during the initial Covid peak), so in most hospitals, these new intensive care beds were not even required. Yet, we have all heard the stories that our clinics are close to being overloaded and the health care system in Western countries might break down any minute - it won't be a surprise to hear, that these numbers have also been manipulated. The hospitals had another way of receiving aid payments if their intensive care load should exceed 75%, so what the hospitals did after receiving the subventions for freshly created intensive care stations - simply decrease their numbers again after receiving the cash, to then report a higher percentage of utilisation, which can also be clearly seen in the accumulation of total existing intensive care beds in Germany:


Just in 1,5 years, while the killer virus is rampaging through the streets killing Millions of people, or so they tell us on the news, the total number of available intensive care stations decreased by almost 5.700...

In 2020 and 2021 we had even fewer total intensive care cases in Germany, than in the year before the 'pandemic':

Source: Expert hearing in Bundestag March 2022

Even though 219 German hospitals willingly provided data for review, more than a thousand clinics and hospitals refused to provide detailed data on their available intensive care beds and utilisation statistics for verification, even to the government. It's not like they would have something to hide, isn't it...

Another example of tricking the masses into believing certain aspects can be clearly seen in the figures of the adverse events statistics stated on the official government pages, or their federal institutions:


These statements refer to adverse event cases per dose...but we do remember, that a person needs to receive two doses to even start being fully vaccinated, which means we have to double the risks, so double the cases. But the official recommendation goes further, so to be protected by the vaccines, we need to get boosted every 3 months, so triple risk and triple cases on the third dose, because it is the same person receiving the injections.

What is most agitating, is that they do the same boggling trick even with deaths from vaccines:


It's like comparing apples and oranges - doses cannot die, people die. For a person it doesn't matter if he dies on the first, second or whatever dose, it matters THAT he dies, so we need to compare people vaccinated with people dying from vaccination! There, the picture looks quite different:

Source: Our World in Data

On the real data, we see that 585 million doses have been given to 221 million people, so even if we take the slightly outdated death count provided on the site (which in reality with 1 million doses more would also be higher), the direct risk of a person dying when getting fully vaccinated is at 0,0066%, so more than double from what is officially stated by the government. Remember, these are the numbers provided by institutions, that approved the vaccines, the real numbers look much higher as explained in the first post.

All of the new laws and regulations related to Covid issued by the politicians in power have either been based on wrong incidences, or on the apparent utilisation of the intensive care beds in hospitals and clinics to prevent a breakdown of our health care system, but almost all of these numbers have been heavily manipulated or corrected months after the initial measures have taken effect. Imagine now, if such statistics chaos and corruption exist in Germany, which is famous for its bureaucracy, statistics and thorough checks, then what is actually happening in most parts of the world?

Yet our governments seem to be quite willingly taking measures like vaccination mandates based on falsely correlated figures and enforcing regulations based on half-baked fake numbers without any efforts to address issues of obvious corruption of the approving institutions and long-term degradation of our health care system.

Trust only the government if you are a politician

A study published recently in the 'The Lancet' magazine stated that there were 18.2 Million excess deaths between January 2020 and December 2021, only 5.94 Million of which were reported Covid-19 deaths, so where is the triple amount coming from? Main two reasons would be:

  1. Wrong reporting of Covid-19 deaths, which would support the whole chapter described above about numbers being a total mess

  2. Government measures and restrictions led to various other death causes during the pandemic period, ruining lives financially, mentally and sometimes even physically

The study was funded by the 'Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation' and shortly after it became quite obvious why they would be interested in supporting such research, but more about this in the third part of the Covid-19 Fakodemic trilogy.

Most Covid-19 measures heavily impacted our lives and relationships, and for some even completely destroyed what they have been building up the years before, like hotels and gastronomy losing about half of their sales due to lockdowns and restrictions, and almost every fifth employee losing his job since about 1/3 of these locations had to close down with such Corona politics. Clear to see, that during lockdowns the sales lost almost 100% compared to the year before:

Source: Statistisches Bundesamt

Especially young people were heavily hit by the restrictions and even experienced a 25% increase in the prevalence of anxiety and depression worldwide. The issue became so apparent, that even WHO could not overlook the impact of Covid-19 regulations:

One major explanation for the increase is the unprecedented stress caused by the social isolation resulting from the pandemic. Linked to this were constraints on people’s ability to work, seek support from loved ones and engage in their communities.

Source: pexels

No wonder, when the government keeps on pouring fuel into the fire of uncertainty and fear through statements like that of the former German Health Minister in November 2021:

Until the end of this winter, everyone will either be vaccinated, recovered or dead

Obviously, he didn't forget to address that absolutely everyone should get protected and protect others by receiving Covid-19 vaccinations, which are proven by numerous studies to be false claims, as written extensively in the first part of this blog. Yet, the government has to get rid of the 77 Million vaccine doses which soon will reach expiration dates and will be either destroyed or potentially dumped in some financially weak countries, as it already happened with more than 240 Million doses in 2021. Useless doses, which were paid out of taxpayers' pockets, mind you.

But that's where the white knight of the Health Ministry comes in to save the face of our beloved politicians - the vaccination mandate. Enforced in most western countries in some areas, like the medical field, it has led to more than half of the workers falling sick for more than 2 days due to adverse events, especially after the second dose with some of the vaccines. On top of that already 7-10% of nursery personnel quit their jobs due to enforced unwanted regulations, low payrolls or even government fines due to non-compliance with regulations. In general, the registered days of inability to work because of the vaccination have reached higher numbers than registered work inability days due to Covid-19 related sickness and more nurses quit or lost their jobs due to new laws and regulations in few months of 2022, than in the whole two years of the pandemic.

While the facility-based vaccination mandate seems to fail and damage our health-care system already on a wide range, some countries like Austria and Germany still continue to push for a general mandate for every citizen. But if at the beginning of the pandemic, we have barely seen any experts speaking up against the vaccines, nowadays more doctors seem to be able to push through the iron curtains of the media by being able to present some of the alarming information about the vaccines, like Dr Strasser in the expert hearing in the Austrian parliament in April 2022, who presented the amount of registered adverse events in Europe and even quoted Dr Kluge, who was WHO Regional Director for Europe at that time:

Covid vaccines won't end the pandemic and officials must now 'gradually adapt strategy' to cope with inevitable spread of virus

So, our government did adapt to other strategies, or to be frank - other mandates, like reinstating mask mandate in multiple states, which is supposed to stop or slow the spread of the virus. Yet, data shows that even in countries like South Korea, where wearing a mask has been a long-term standard, the spread does not stop or decrease due to wearing a mask. Here a comparison of the incidences between states that had continued with public mask mandates like Hamburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and German average, where masking became voluntary during that period.

Source: ZDF Heutenachrichten

The data in some clinical trials might indicate that masks could reduce transmission, yet these outcomes have only been confirmed in laboratory conditions, that's why even the 'European Health Authority ECDC' has stated that mandatory or mass-masking does NOT have any health benefits in terms of stopping the virus spread in the public:

The expected value of universal usage of FFP2-respirator masks is very low. The evidence is currently too low to justify a necessity of wearing a mask in everyday life.

To be somewhat efficient, they would have to be worn correctly all the time by absolutely everyone and that would include shaving off beards or cutting off hair on the sides of the face. In the current state, they only convey a false feeling of security when being around people wearing masks and inhibit our communication in our daily lives. Not to forget the negative impact on the psychological development of children, that miss the mimic in contact with other humans and are far less physically active due to breathing constraints. Often the mask mandates even become absolutely unlogical and even comical, like when persons on a flight from Switzerland to Germany do not wear masks at the Swiss Airport, nor in the plain as long they are flying over Switzerland, but as soon the plane enters the airspace of Germany, the same passengers are forced to put on masks due to a mandate, that is supposed to protect them from getting infected with SARS-CoV-2. Soon, a commoners marriage will be looking like this:

Source: pexels

There are some positive effects of the apparent pandemic, which for example showed how regulatory institutions fail to control the trials, which led to a country or even continent-wide emergency approvals of vaccines, or how the government medical institutions together with pharma fail to train medical workers in properly performing vaccine injections, which if administered faulty can lead to blood clot disorder and other adverse events, on top of the already known specific side-effects of the Covid-19 vaccine.

In the end, how much can we trust governments, that sign indemnification clauses with the pharmaceutical companies, so that citizens experiencing adverse events cannot sue the companies creating, producing and administering the vaccines?

Trust only the media you publish yourself

The mainstream media supports every decision made by the governing system, quickly downplays adverse event cases and aftermath of the Covid measures, and clearly overexaggerates any potential negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

German media quite often pointed at Sweden, claiming that their strategy of having zero lockdowns and no vaccination or mask mandates would lead to immense mortality excess, sometimes even going this far:

The verdict on Swedish Covid-strategy is devastating. [...] Sweden blindly followed ideologies instead of evidence-based science.

Yet the study about mortality excess rates, which I already cited above clearly shows Sweden with 91,2 excess deaths per 100.000 as a clear winner compared to Germany with 120 excess death rates. So, multiple lockdowns, strict entry rules allowing only vaccinated and recovered, and mask mandates in all public places including transport, schools and even kindergarten have only led to higher death count and worse conditions for the middle and low-class citizens, compared to countries that kept the members of the public in the responsibility of their own health and freedom.

Every time information comes up in alternative media that doesn't shine a bright light on the Covid-19 vaccine, the same information gets downplayed by the main media including medical journals. Instead of doing what a real journalist should - independently investigate and verify the information, for example by comparing invoices from hospitals and local physicians to the registered adverse vaccination events, which exploded in numbers since the introduction of Covid-19 vaccines, and proving that these records are true, they instead recite the same sermon, that the adverse effects are rare, sometimes even copy-pasting the obviously fake numbers for months. How can an alleged medical journal state that there is evidence of only 5 myocarditis cases per 100.000 population if even the official government pages have far higher numbers? It's also apparent that such journals and legacy media never even took a look into the original trial data since none of them mentioned the released data of Pfizer approval trials.

Every unvaccinated person has felt the eyes of the majority stabbing them in the back after the media found clear words to blame the whole pandemic and even deaths on them. Catchphrases have been rapidly picked up by the majority, who instead of only finger-pointing started to even spit at unvaccinated while shouting quotes from media like:

A federation of imbeciles has ensured that Germany is being hit extremely hard.

A clear incitement to social hatred and expulsion of a minority, politically fabricated and spread by newspapers, television channels and even social media of political figures. I think Europe has already experienced a similar situation about 80 years ago, and it didn't end well, to put it gently.

Also quite obvious is the discrediting of any sources, including experienced doctors and even whole institutes, as soon they raise issues about the Covid-19 vaccination or political measures. Research by renowned university clinics like Charite in Berlin gets quoted and praised, but the moment they find inconvenient results, their studies get ignored by the mass media and politicians, especially if professors try to support the commoners who suffer from long-term adverse effects:

We must discuss drug rehabilitation offering given we estimate 500.000 cases with severe adverse events in Germany, without being branded right away as anti-vaxxer.

Yet, the mainstream and government media prefers to claim that all such research and medical personnel are only part of the scare tactics of crazy conspiracy theorists.

Another way of manipulating the attitude of the masses towards individuals, that venture sticking their heads out of the sand, is by altering information on open knowledge databases like 'Wikipedia'. There, on an open-source information platform, even a former soccer world champion, happily working as a sports commentator for a legacy media newspaper, can become a far-out right extremist with violent tendencies overnight, as happened with Thomas Berthold after peacefully but openly criticising the measures enforced by the government in a demonstration. Prepare to lose your job, your community and potentially even your homeland.

Recently we have also seen the rise of proclaimed fact-checkers, who simply bash some obvious fakes and by that prove that politicians or their family members are innocent, instead of checking if the politicians have misused their power and position to gain a personal profit. "Don't bite the hand that feeds you", as the saying goes. I wonder when I will get the chance to fact-check the fact-checkers fact-checking the facts I checked before fact-checkers fact-checked my facts.

In the meantime, giant media corporations like BBC create their own matrix, their own reality people are supposed to believe in with terms like RNAissance. Recent headlines, e.g.

Could mRNA make us superhuman?

bluntly manipulate uninformed folks, making them believe that "a cocktail of mRNAs that make different proteins selective for your particular need" will give them "a single health booster vaccine, which could ward off cancers and viruses at the same time". Crazy to read such claims after we have seen an increase of different disease diagnoses tenfolds even in top condition folks like the U.S. military after the mRNA vaccination campaigns started. But one has just to read carefully the whole article to find where the actual truth is hidden:

[...]I could imagine that being a billion-dollar industry.

Of course, they don't forget to include some positive imagery, reminding us that already billions have participated in the global clinical experiment called Covid-19 vaccination:

Source: BBC

Trust the system - trade your freedom for security

The Covid-19 pandemic has never existed in the way it has been sold to us by politicians and all over the news for the past two years. There are no logical or medical explanations for pushing through vaccination, especially for younger generations and giving recommendations to vaccinate children when the average mortality age from Corona is 83 years old. Mortality causes like cardiovascular diseases have ten times higher death toll than Covid and are far more present in lower age groups as well, for example in Germany alone 338.001 deaths from CVDs compared to 30.136 deaths from the SARS-CoV-2 virus in 2020. CVDs and other mortality causes like cancer, respiratory diseases (excluding Corona), and mental diseases like Alzheimer's and depression, all have a higher death toll than Covid-19, yet receive no attention from the media and barely any research funding and support from the government.

The measures taken to stem the spread of Covid have been a complete disaster in most parts of the world, including the country I live in - Germany, and the numbers from the recent study have proven, that 2/3 of excess deaths in 2020 and 2021 came from other sources than the virus SARS-CoV-2. They also have shown that countries, which initiated more measures to fight the apparent pandemic, like full lockdowns, masks and vaccination mandates had far more excess deaths than countries which valued freedom and individual responsibility. As Benjamin Franklin has put it more than 200 years ago:

Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

All these restrictions are proven to have led only to destabilisation of our financial situation, destruction of our social relationships, abolishment of our constitutional and human rights, and induced fear into the majority of our population, so that people still wear masks even when taking a lone stroll through a forest, without any other human or animal even close to them.

In the last two years, we have seen some of the most controversial, yet fastest taken decisions in the history of politics:

  • emergency approving vaccines without finished clinical trials

  • measures limiting human contact and the possibility of maintaining relationships

  • restrictions to our fundamental rights of assembly (e.g. forbidding protests and demonstrations against Covid-19 measures) and physical inviolability (vaccination mandates)

  • massive campaigns to cover up the truth about infection incidences, deaths rates and recorded vaccine adverse events (e.g. closing access to public databases containing medically confirmed adverse event records)

  • targeted dissolving of the small and medium-sized businesses while enabling and further promoting the growth of mega-corporations (e.g. every fourth small retailer closing while Amazon & Co report record highs)

  • decisions based on falsified, manipulated or simply unreliable figures (e.g. hospital intensive care preparation and utilisation, thousands of patients magically disappearing from the reports weeks after they have been seemingly treated or died)

  • leading politicians straight-out lying (e.g. about vaccination mandates) and completely changing their opinions every few weeks and months

  • hysterical fear induction by key figures in the government and media (e.g. "a new killer variant is coming" and "everyone vaccinated, recovered or dead")

  • jurisdictional protection of pharma-lobby and mega-corporations while refusing to support and protect commoners (e.g. indemnification of pharma for adverse effects of vaccines or medical staff losing jobs due to enforced vaccination mandates)

  • creating a one-sided picture of reality, presenting only data that support the current narrative and hiding or discrediting sources that might lead to critical thinking

  • finger-pointing, blaming, publically shaming (even on the main government television channels) and in the end socially excluding a minority based on political and social agenda, purposefully splitting and creating quarrels within the society

Is anyone else having flashbacks about the time pre-World War II, especially the last point?

Our governments need to start seriously questioning their Covid-19 strategy, especially when "reported data indicates a less severe disease profile in Africa compared to other regions globally: fewer cases, proportionally fewer patients with severe outcomes and death, [...] with low vaccine coverage in Africa (17% as of 9 February 2022)". Luckily, we already have some countries taking steps in the right direction like Denmark suspending their vaccination programme because "the virus is no longer considered a critical threat".

Even though a lot of opposition members believe, that the current loosening is part of the strategy to then again tighten the loose around our freedoms neck with further restrictions once the statistics start climbing again, I want to believe that more people awaken from the artificial nightmare we have been lulled into. The persons responsible for releasing and inducing this Fakodemic will someday be held accountable.

Practical advice on how to live in this New Social and media 'Norm'

No matter how challenging the times we live in, we have to always remember what makes us social, civilised human beings and remain human to each other, and that includes:

  1. Build up and maintain social relationships, care for family and friends

We need to find ways to bury the hatchet of war of opinions and instead of emphasizing differences within our society, work on finding common ground, where we can lead a resourceful and fruitful discourse. We've all felt some doors being slammed shut in our faces and it became harder to maintain relationships, yet it also gives us opportunities to separate the wheat from the chaff and keep friends and relations that do not ask for proof of our innocuousness and even meet new open-minded, interesting and relatable persons.

2. Educate ourselves from different independent sources

It's hard to find true reliable sources, especially for such complex topics like viruses, vaccination and health in general. It feels like we have to keep working on a puzzle called reality piece by piece by educating ourselves from independent sources, but currently, mainstream media presents only one-sided information instead of performing real journalism that can ask critical questions and even openly criticize the decisions of a government, so it's the only way how we can progress in shaping our lives with well-founded decisions.

3. Protest and resist rules and mandates that aim to abolish our fundamental rights

Recently, we have experienced different mandates that tried to force us to give up fundamental and constitutional rights, like the vaccination mandate aiming to abolish our right to physical integrity or the ban of protests against pandemic restrictions aiming to abolish our right of assembly, both of which are some of the deepest roots of our federal constitution. If we will allow the governments to disestablish this basis due to some artificial exceptional situation, then those in power will always find ways to legitimate new extreme measures when new catastrophes suddenly yet conveniently appear, be it the climate crisis, the spread of lab viruses, or a war in nearby states.

If we continue educating ourselves to ensure we have the logical and emotional background to continue social interaction and build up friendships that can survive even such hardships, and if we peacefully yet consistently fight for our rights, only then TimesWillChange for the better.

If you keep asking yourself how it could come to these extreme situations and why the governments seem to be so aligned on the restrictions and measures, then you will be really interested in the third and (hopefully) last part of the Fakodemic trilogy, where we will take a look at scenarios prepared by some global organisations just before the Covid virus appeared and what is currently happening in the shadow of other political activities, yet might change our lives forever.

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