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World War III

Updated: Apr 18

The Iceberg behind the War in Ukraine

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After reporting how the war in Ukraine began and how Russia proceeds to act in this conflict, we come to the chapter where we uncover the Iceberg, which was hiding behind the curtains of the world politics theatre that we only started to see as the Russian warship crashed upon the shores of Ukraine.

If you are one of the many who thought, that WW3 will be nuclear mass-bombing, which would leave only apocalyptic nuclear winter behind, or a situation where the world powers would throw all their armed forces into an all-out conflict, welcome to the middle-class club of normal mortals mislead by panic-inducing mass-media. We all have been reading recently about the potential nuclear strikes Russia is preparing, just another intercontinental missile test performed by North Korea, updates on which country holds military powers and so on, but news that actually impacts us the most has been barely showing up. Rising electricity, food, commodity and fuel prices are just to name a few. Or have you heard about the bill the EU lawmakers passed that enforces transparency on all cryptocurrency transactions? Or that the German lawmakers had almost succeeded in passing a real trojan horse bill with mandatory Covid-19 vaccination? Or how Canadian Premier Minister Trudeau froze bank accounts of thousands of people protesting or supporting the protests against pandemic restrictions imposed on them...

Using just the same strategy as Russian media of deviating the focus toward foreign politics which I described in the previous post, we barely get to see the big picture of World War Three which is already in full effect, fighting for retaining its semi-democratic post-capitalistic or authoritarian systems, energy and resources which fuel the industry in any system, and the most important factor - your attention in the info field and mindset towards the governments and your fellow human beings.

As always, if you prefer watching a video instead of reading a structured wall of text, here is the visual summary (with some political satire and a world-class actor):

War of the political systems - your vote or your life!

Every single day we see the war in Ukraine displayed by Western media as a fight between the free democratic world represented mainly by the EU, UK, US and Canada vs. an enforced dictatorship represented mainly by the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China, and sometimes even simplified to the level of the Good vs. Evil. Besides that, we also have neutral countries, which are then portrayed as silent supporters of war or dangerous bystanders, but the difference of who is to be regarded by the masses as the enemy of the free world can be quickly seen in the communication initiated by the US government and news: both China and India abstained from voting in the UN against Russia, but the warnings issued by the US after the vote are going only towards China, stating that Xi Jinping's country will face 'costs' if they decide to support Russia in the war against Ukraine. Why does the US represented by Biden target explicitly China and almost ignore other countries that remain neutral in the conflict like India, Armenia, most African countries and others, totalling 34 countries not playing into US hands?

Source: UN (2022)

This picture clearly shows the current state of political systems in the whole world! The five red countries represent direct dictatorship regimes, where Russian and Belarus are currently leading the arising conflict in Ukraine. Green are countries standing behind the United States and at least trying to act as if they are democratically ruled governments (pun intended), but the yellow countries that abstained from voting for or against UN resolutions against Russia are where it becomes really interesting because they are states who try to sit on both (or even more chairs) in this conflict. India, Pakistan, Iran and China all being nuclear powers, can all allow themselves to reject submitting to America's will, but Biden's administration targets explicitly China in their pressure of economical consequences.

The main reason is that the USA is the current world power leading some of the biggest and most impactful institutions like the UN (United Nations), NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation), WHO (World Health Organisation), World Bank and International Monetary Fund, and housing biggest social media and influencing corporations like META (Metaverse, Facebook & Instagram), Alphabet (Google, YouTube), Microsoft, Twitter and other 82 companies out of top 200 of world's biggest corporations. The U.S. Dollar is also the current World's Reserve Currency, meaning almost all global transactions and commodity trades are performed in Dollar, backing USA power even further. This is why every global move America does, has an impact on the whole world, but China's influence and power keep closing in on the United States.

Source: IMF (2021)

A lot of experts expect that China will overtake the U.S. as the biggest GDP in the next 1-2 decades and thus become the world-leading economical power. Recent talks between one of the biggest oil exporters in the world, Saudi Arabia and China about potentially accepting the 'Yuan' instead of the Dollar for Chinese Oil Sales left a huge dent in the U.S. dollar's dominance of the global petroleum market.

So, America's leadership obviously feels its throne shaking, especially after the last President Donald J. Trump started proceedings to remove the United States from the World Health Organization amid a global pandemic; pulled the United States from the Paris Agreement, which seeks to address climate change; and threatened to withdraw the country from NATO. It seems that was not what the western world elite wanted and felt threatened by the Trump 180° turn in politics, hence the current movement since the elections of Biden in the U.S., Scholz in Germany, Trudeau in Canada etc., to further divide the citizens in our semi-democratic post-capitalistic countries into different controllable groups. Divide and conquer, as the old Roman saying goes.

The controversial Canadian bill 'C-16' and other gender identity and gender expression regulations, Initiatives like 'Black Lives Matter in the U.S. and other racial disputes, contentious Friday for Future and other climate debates, the introduction of (at least partially) enforced mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations in many European countries which divided the society even further into pro-vaccination and counter-vaccination groups (greetings to CS players ^,,.,^), and most recently government-support organised movements against war and the supporters of Russia on the other hand, have all led to quarrels within the public. This creates a status inside our country of disunity and psychological weakness of its citizens, where it becomes much easier for the government and big companies to manipulate political campaigns and elections, for example by creating a foreign public enemy - Russia and China, or even enemies within the country, marking the opposition simply as far-right extremists. Remember this - a political system is always at war with everyone who opposes or threatens this system. We do not vote for party A or party B...we vote either for or against the running government.

Once the government has your vote, the same elite can stay in power for years, and mostly even continue to influence the laws, public life, and secret services from the shadows, like the former U.S. President Barak Obama. All this manipulation and puppet-playing just to stay in control of power, money and resources.

War of the resources - your wallet or your life!

Resources like mineral oil, petroleum gas and coal are the backbone of any industry and the war in Ukraine almost snapped this backbone for multiple European countries. U.S. and Canada which are both in the top 10 of world reserves for oil, were of course pretty quick about imposing sanctions impacting current and future oil and gas trade unlike Germany, which is heavily dependent on the Russian exports.

But when it comes to these resources, then anything goes - trying to overthrow governments in foreign countries as happened in Venezuela, attacking and besieging other countries as both Russia and America have done multiple times, or unethical trades with authoritarian regimes like Germany trying to buy petroleum gas from Qatar, a country that the German government criticised many times but when it comes to profitable deals, then suddenly they forget with how much blood these resources were earned.

But while new contracts are being signed, and the experts keep confirming that there are more possible solutions for countries dependent on Russian exports, the commoners still see their money quickly dwindling:

War in Ukraine on top of the pandemic gives the perfect excuse for raising the prices for so many companies, which are not even affected by the disrupted imports of goods or natural resources from Russia or Ukraine - they simply use the chance to drive their gaining while everyone else is driving up the prices. Kyle Herrig, president of the Accountable.US stated:

"Despite the claim, these highly profitable business do have a choice, and they're choosing to fatten their bottom line rather than keep consumer prices stabled"

What makes this whole situation even more bizarre is that our governments are actually also earning far more in taxes due to increased prices and higher revenues of the companies, but barely make any signs to support the common working folks by providing subsidiaries or other financial support. Companies raise their prices = profit, the government earns more taxes = profit, and the middle working class has, as always, to pay for both, separating us, the common folk, once again further away from the top earners.

German government showed once again why they are the leading economic power in Europe by moving their budget money from one government pocket to another. All the main media were shouting around that a huge supportive package is coming in the form of the so-called 'package of energy measures' for all taxpayers - a whole 300€! What they obviously didn't announce in the same pretentious way is that these 300€ are also an average family person who has to cater for a child and earns 72k p.a. salary will receive in the end only about 184€, so almost half of the announced amount. Amazing concept, huh?! Announcing something as help that the government had to cut out of the country's budget, to then to a big extent take it back again.

Source: Kreiszeitung, picture copyright © Tobias Schwarz/dpa/imago

Another such example is the law passed by the EU lawmakers enforcing parties involved in any cryptocurrency exchanges to obtain, hold, and submit information on those involved in transfers to the competent authorities. The Commission had proposed applying this traceability rule to transfers worth €1,000 or more, but under the passed cross-party parliamentary agreement, all transfers would be in scope, to enable the European Banking Authority to create a public register of crypto-asset service providers, apparently to fight financial crimes and create transparency for users, and absolutely not to usher in a surveillance regime. Do you still think you can anonymously invest in your crypto future? Also, don't forget, that any profits you make from cryptocurrency trading are taxable as a capital gain, so soon Big Brother will be watching if you file your tax reports on cryptos correctly.

Earning your honest salary by working daily 8 or more hours? Salary taxed!

Earning something through investment after salary deductions? Capital gain taxed!

Earning yourself a house or an apartment with investments? Real estate taxed!

Earning some left-overs in your bank account? Flat rate taxed!

Earning by receiving government payments or subsidiaries? Increase the burden of taxes!

The fewer resources you have to invest in your future development and education, the easier it becomes for the system to control you. While the recent events have clearly shown how countries are fighting on the global carpet for future resources, they also have clearly shown how the government and companies are fighting for every penny in our wallets. Multiple studies have proven that the majority of people anchored to poverty have the lowest chances of getting out of the vicious cycle due to lacking potential to look further beyond current needs and deficient education for their children. To be able to milk you even further, they need you to become an obedient gear part in the grinding system.

War of the media - your obedience or your life!

To keep commoners ignorant and obedient, the current semi-democratic post-capitalistic neoconservatism system (sorry, but we are not even close to living in free democratic states) has declared war on free speech, independent media and even your opinion! And while obedient citizens are standing in line to receive for their voluntary Covid-19 vaccination some fries in New York or a hotdog in Germany, just as the masters told them to, multiple governments continue to proceed with the suppression of potential critics, like Canada pushing the new C-11 bill, otherwise known as the 'Internet Censorship Bill'. Like any other declaratively liberal democracy that finds itself dangerously close to undermining the very foundations of its own system, Canada’s government is assuring citizens that their freedoms will not be curtailed in any way. However, the bill indicates that the 'Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications' (CRCT), a broadcasting and telecommunications regulatory agency, will now serve as a government tool to 'regulate' the internet as well, and fairly explicitly, ending the era of the open internet in Canada. This bill will enable the government to editorialise the information that you have access to and prioritise certain categories, such as promoting content that diversifies and divides people even further, based on beliefs, class, race or gender identities, while demoting content aiming at criticising the political or jurisdictional systems.

Source: Thomas Sowell Wisdom

We see everywhere bills being proposed, that promote legacy media organisations and more control over social media networks backed by the argument, as Russel Brand bluntly and sarcastically put it, that:

"You can't trust information that comes from people, just people that are reading stuff themselves and assessing things themselves freely. What you need is major corporations that are relying on advertising money, that harvest your data - those are the people that you can trust to give you an unbiased account on the story."

So control over the mainstream media has been observed for decades and is yet shown just another time with Hunter Biden's story. Oh, you haven't heard about that one yet? This proves the point, that mass media are not interested in streaming content that could spark a scandal about the running government and since they are paid out of the government's pocket, will always try to display the official statements as the everlasting truth and ban or invalidate everyone else, who says otherwise. The story about Joe Biden's son receiving illegal payments from other governments and trading insider information, while providing a fair share to his father, the current U.S. president Joe Biden, is just another example of how rotten the whole political system is after we had already a screaming example in Austria last year.

Last year we also saw how much we can trust leading European politicians like the German chancellor Olaf Scholz, even about topics that have a direct impact on our lives, like the Corona pandemic and vaccination mandate:

  • 09.08.2021: "We don't have a mandate for vaccination and don't want to introduce it"

  • 07.09.2021: "I think it would be wrong to start a debate about vaccination mandate"

  • 12.09.2021: "I am against vaccination mandate"

  • 07.01.2022: "I have always stated that I am supporting the vaccination mandate and I will stick to it"

Unlike in Russia, where it takes 3 years to push through an unpopular reform, in Germany not even 6 months passed to try to enforce a vaccination mandate in the German Bundestag. In the media it was stated everywhere, that the mandate was designed to be for age 60+, but with a quick look into the initiative documents, it can be found, that the mandate had the potential to be extended to all aged 18+ at any time, which was confirmed by the German Health Minister Lauterbach.

So the governments realised that they need to still control the new and emerging news forces where you might see criticism from all sides about sweeping regulatory changes, suppressing freedom of speech or arguments presented by the protesters, as was clearly seen in Canada in February. The news about protests was addressed in the mass media, but that the bank accounts were actually frozen, has barely touched the surface of the news. People are starting to realise how media, state and big business are operating in a triumvirate of dominance to prevent people from conversing about current social and political issues.

"If you are involved in this protest, we will actively look to identify you and follow up with financial sanctions and criminal charges" - acting police chief in Ottawa said.

Disobedience will be punished by those controlling the system.

That's what you can expect if you decide to protest for your rights and freedom. And in the best case, you will merely be called a conservative far-out-right populistic extremist like Le Pen is in the current run for the presidency in France.

Responsibility, Character, Ideology

As always, let's discuss three points, what we can do to not wake up in a country where we are only allowed to range discussions from A to B or else face becoming outcasts should we venture outsides pre-defined boundaries.

"I've come to understand, that the meaning that sustains you in life is mostly to be found through responsibility, and through voluntary adoption of responsibility you most likely will find your fundamental strength" [Jordan Peterson]

First of all, we need to take responsibility for our lives, and that includes responsibility for fundamental decisions that might influence our wellness. With the pandemic, the war in Europe, rising prices and the general sociological situation becoming more diverse and even hazardous, we need to take hard decisions almost every day, but especially conscious and careful we need to be when facing potential long-term impacts.

Did I actually consider the risks and benefits of Covid-19 vaccination, or was I deceived by someone out of their competence field? Did I evaluate the financial impact of taking a huge loan for building a house or buying a car, or was I swayed by exerted influence or the banker? Do I really want to study this discipline, or am I just doing it to make my parents and friends happy?

Always consider, that others are acting out of self-interest, so a doctor receiving payments for administered vaccinations will be interested in providing this service to as many patients as possible, same as a banking consultant will benefit from you becoming indebted to the bank. It's also not the state that should through a paternal relationship take decisions for us.

Responsibility is the trait that over time will provide you with fundamental strength to finally grab the steering wheel of your life.

"Once you have a character, you have developed a rigid system. Your behaviour becomes petrified and predictable, and you lose your ability to cope freely with the world with all your resources. You are predetermined just to cope with events in one way, namely, as your character prescribes. So it seems a paradox when I say that the richest person, the most productive, creative person, is a person who has no character. In our society, we demand that a person has a character, and especially a good character, because then he is predictable, and he can be pigeonholed." [Bruce Lee]

People tend to flock in a direction and it's hard to enable them to think more flexible, evaluate different opinions, and analyse the potential outcome. In recent years we have seen acute polarisation in the society, mostly orchestrated by the mainstream media. When we become predetermined, it's easy to control us - the government, media and companies know exactly which buttons to push. Especially the good liberals have been the target of political influences and have barely noticed what level of censorship, discrimination and inequality we have reached.

Having a certain set of own rules and beliefs can be beneficial, but the harder it is to describe our character, the less predictable we become for the system and thus harder to be manipulated.

"I am not hearing what you think, I am hearing how you are able to represent the ideology you were taught and it's not that interesting because I don't know anything about you. I can replace you with someone else who thinks the same way and that means you are not here." [Jordan Peterson]

Ideologies are commonly used to highlight differences and amplify conflict within our society. By now even in many schools and universities, children and students are thought not how to think, but actually what to think. Many initially beneficial ideologies like feminism, anti-racism, liberalism, etc. are being misinterpreted by a misinformed society and deliberately misused by the misguiding influencers to put us into boundaries and limit our possibilities of a healthy conversation.

We need to learn to stand for justice and righteousness without desperately holding on to extrinsically imposed ideologies, only then Times Will Change for the better.

From my first three articles, it should have become clear, that I am absolutely against the vaccination mandate. I am still not vaccinated and in the next episode, I will explain exactly why. The reasons might be different than you think.
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